Slipmat is a mat used for a vinyl player and a record is placed directly on it.

The main functions of the slipmat.

Slipmats are made from different materials, which affect their functional characteristics and cost. In our shop there are such materials:

The vinyl slipmat is not just an original accessory for a vinyl lover, it has several essential functions that affect the sound and work of the equipment:

Our advantages

Our online store offers a variety of materials. Each slipmat has its own pros, which are known to Djs and audiophiles.

If you are a newcomer and want to choose an accessory, our team of professionals is always ready to help you with your choice. All together we will choose the best possible type for you, taking into account the specific features of your player and the conditions of use.

Unique design

We also create original customized design models. Ready to give life to any even the most incredible idea that you might have. Thanks to the professional work of our specialists you can easily and quickly create your own personal, unique slipmat for vinyl record. We deliver our goods all over the world.


Besides the slipmats, you can buy a protective faceplate for vinyl player, a modular box for records and their storage and vinyl players Technics in our shop.

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